Well this was my first hike since my holiday in Ireland, and my feet had got used to wearing soft footware…..


Whilst it was a great hike, on the return leg the Geocaches i was going for i just “eye-balled” ( and hit with my walking stick ) as the prospect of getting down onto the floor and rooting them out was not an option ( plus there were a few that had been pushed far back….unless an animal too it! )

Did get some great photos though…

East Dart 2014
East Dart

Though i was surprised by the amount of people up here, without rucksacks..”real” walking gear…Maps or compass…Seems now people park at the TIC at post bridge and follow the path which i guess is fine when its a nice blue sunny day…but as us Moor walkers know Dartmoor can show its teeth quite quickly.

Maybe my Aspergers is making me way over critical of people walking / hiking on the Moor with nothing than an umbrella as water proofing ( yes i past a group of German tourists with sandals and dressed like they were walking about in Plymouth shopping centre )…

But it does concern me that these guys could get into serious trouble…

Actually i think i’ll stop, and just post more photos 🙂



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