mmorpg being Massively multiplayer online role-playing game’s

Years back i thought it would be cool to start playing something like this, way before my Diag of Aspergers as done , As i knew back then that something was different, and possibly, maybe playing a mmorpg might be a way of meeting people ( so to speak ) and practicing “social” interactions with minimum fallout if it goes pear shaped.

Well after about 5 years or so, it seems nothing much has changed, at “social” level interaction , That is with no specific aim in mind, or getting the sense on what someone is saying, i still suck at it. Now at work in my role of IT guru its cool, im fine, i know what/how/and when to say stuff, though sometimes i can still come off as quirky! , Simply because i know what im doing and how to do it, and if i focus at that task in hand and on “subject” all is cool.

And yet in a “virtual” world I’m like a walking disaster zone, i seem to unwittingly stomp on peoples feelings, or find new and different ways to upset these “virtual friends” , so im coming ever to the conclusion that either 1. i find an alternative diversion to “play” when not working, studying etc or 2. continue with such games but in a solitary / solo mode so not to disrupt anyone else! ( which flies in the face of the idea of a mmorpg! )

Originally i thought this was a good plan, but seems maybe i do indeed need to find something else, Sometimes i real like marvin the robot and need to shove my head into a bucket of water! :/



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