Yes I’ve a family member who is autistic, and we deal with him this way….

How many times have we heard this? People “meaning” to be helpful so often come out with the dumbest of statements, can I as ONE person who is autistic say this once again…..

When you have seen / met / know ONE person with autism, you have met / known ONE unique person with autism, the next person you met / know with autism can ( and often will be ) very different, THAT is why autism is hard to understand, as we are all different, some can cope with one thing whereas another could never cope with it.

One may act in one way, maybe younger that they should act, whereas another will act far more grown up than they should, even to the point where some will cope / prefer to be with people older rather than same age or younger.

Some like being with people and possibly being the centre of attraction, where others like me much prefer their own company or better still out in the wilderness of Dartmoor away from all the noise and “busyness” of the world.

You see, we are all very different, just like those who are not autistic are not the same, not clones of one model, so it puzzles me no end when people come out with the most daft ideas that there is one way to deal with autism, or that there is one way in which autistic people should act or behave, and if we stray from such…..well then people get all confused and say “that’s not how you should act..”

People with autism are unique , different, and do not fit into “one mould”

I understand it must be hard for those who are not involved with autism day in and day out, but it would be so good if these people could listen…just listen to our advocates that so passionately stand in our corner…



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