Now i came across this post

And with kind permission I’m allowed to link to her site, so please have a good read, A lot of those 10 points are very similar to men / males , I for one certainly find myself agreeing to all of those 10 points.

Even now there is little understanding of Autism / Aspergers either in the medical word, or ( for me ) more importantly in everyday people, Generally put there is no “outward” appearance or “clue” that identifies us as Autistic.

Ive taken to now when out and about on my own making sure i have my “cards” with me ( see post before this on my blog ) , and always im plugged into my iPod and if its sunny mirror shades on, This seems to deter all but determined people intent on invading my space / world ( you know those people in city centres trying to sign you up for whatever… )

And even , in game , so called virtual friends , i tell those from the very start that i am Autistic, Really so that everyone knows were we are “at” , Though often i have to ask someone privately “was that a joke, were they serious, and so on” as the “gift” of getting those nuances ( that most people get ) of body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, usually elude me.

That all said, with the use of , a “very” supportive wife , And some very special friends, i am feeling more able to roll up my sleeves and get stuck into things, Yes those awful / bad days i still get.

There are things i hope to have in place soon that will also benefit the family as a whole too ( but im doing that on a trail basis ).

But getting back to the original link of those 10 points please follow that link, maybe even comment on her page ( also mine too if you like! ) alot of thought has gone into her post, and i could never put it any better



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