It is indeed with sadness that i write this post,i do really try and see the brighter / better in most things, but now and again something just does not sit right…..


Myself Rebecca / Keiran and more than likely Martyn all struggle with Autism, it makes for a hard life for sure.


Rebecca having the extra struggle with tourette’s which is EXHAUSTING her body ticks are so violent sometimes that she hits herself with such force that it actually bruises herself, Both her and Keiran struggle in going out and the like.

Now, for Rebecca, to be told off not once, not twice, but three times for an involuntary verbal tick ( and that IS what Tourette’s is about verbal and/or body ticks ) that she was at the VERY point in time unable to control, beggars belief, and on top of all that it’s a real struggle just getting her out to such places!!!!!! This can go pear shaped VERY quickly and we can end up with both our guys just staying at home, Keiran because he just can’t deal with the outside and Rebecca simply scared the death on what people think…Even though she tries SO VERY hard to contain these things.

I’ve gone to the trouble of designing Rebecca a business card to carry, something similar to mine.

But I do wish, that people just STOP…THINK…and only then speak….and not just knee jerk react to the on the spot moment…otherwise are they not any different to someone with Tourette’s?? Are they then not reacting with out compunction?

I know there will be a day when all these things are fixed, but please until then…Just understand that some people, whilst they look “undamaged” really they are not, and the battle we face day in day out , hour in hour out…would wear out the most robust, so please…alittle compassion and understanding!!!!

Bekkas MOO Size (inches) Rounded Corner Business Card Portrait



One thought on “Autism and Tourette’s”

  1. As always I am left running damage limitation …
    Trying to limit the damage done to the ones I love by those who don’t seem to care to see the struggles.
    Does anyone realise how hard it is sitting next to my own, now adult child, while she hits herself in the face and throat because of her tics, while she adds another bruise when her leg smacks into something hard, while she sometimes can’t stand up without jerking backward nearly falling over, trying to find the light hearted reaction so as not to further impact the negative view she has of herself?

    I guess only those who really care to see, will notice.

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