ok, start of this year i was so eager to get out on the Moor’s that all normal preparation was not correctly done , this lead to a series of “huge” disasters that suddenly highlighted how bad my map reading / compass ( or even lack of using at times and going from memory ) had become!

Therefore ( and seeing i successfully got myself out of trouble and off safely from the Moors! ) , it is time to go back to Basics , Map and compass work needs brushing up ( a lot? ) and rather than getting lazy and using GPS for everything, its going to be Map / compass all the way and then GPS for the final hunt!

Last Saturday i really felt that i let myself ( and worse my DAD! ) down in the worst way possible!!

This is not going to happen ever again…. Notice to readers if you ever think you know Dartmoor , Scottish Highlands or wherever you walk / hike / Climb never under estimate it, and on the Moors a mire / marsh / Featherbed needs WIDER berth when its been so wet recently ( need i say more! )

Adrian :/



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