Ok so the Postbridge to Challacombe – Headland Warren – Postbridge  loop

In places there were good signage, however….

Near Pizwell Farm







Near Soussons Farm







Now this little guy is not even an official DNP sign, just a blue blob with no direction showing ( yes to most its darn obvious which way to go )









Near Headland Warren Farm







Leading into Soussons Down







And an example on how its meant to look.









As mentioned before ( I think ) we have such a great area in Dartmoor, we really do need to make the most of it, and make it available to as many who wish to use it, having good signage for such Bridleways etc I feel is key, after visiting Scotland 2 years back, I was VERY impressed with the care and attention to detail on making sure that such paths were correctly.

We truly need to follow suit on this, and make these more “easier” areas a safer and better marked place for our visitors.



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