BT investigating Yahoo! email hacking after customers report they have been locked out of their accounts

BT investigating Yahoo! email hacking after customers report they have
BT is investigating reports that some of its six million broadband customers have had their contacts spammed and their passwords changed so they are locked out of their accounts.

Yahoo! provides the email service for BT, with login records showing that some BTYahoo! accounts have been accessed via computers in Turkey and Russia.

Yahoo! has only commented to say that is is “aggressively” looking into these reports, but has failed to comment on wither non-BT account holders could have been affected.

A spokeswoman said: “We’re committed to protecting our BT Yahoo! and BT Internet email accounts and BT wants to assure customers that there are no security issues in terms of BT’s network or systems.

“BT’s security team continuously monitors the network for potential email issues and investigates concerns raised by customers. We’re working closely with Yahoo! to investigate reports of any email accounts exhibiting anomalous behaviour.”

Adding that anyone concerned should change their BTYahoo! password and security questions.

The news follows similar reports from New Zealand where there was an increase in email hijacking by spammers who targeted Telecom NZ Yahoo! accounts.



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