It seems that the recent hacking at BT / Yahoo ( do not think either side has taken responsibility for this yet .. ) is still having impact on people.
If you are a BT / Yahoo user then i might be an idea to change your email password , And if you have used that password in other places, change that also to a new password.

I am still ( almost on a daily basis ) getting spam , or worse still , Fake emails from BT / Yahoo accounts that have been compromised … Emails range from strange one line messages directing to you a web spate, normally selling some form of “pill” … To emails that rant on in really bad English about being left high and dry over seas with no money and passport.

Note…For the most part the account holder of the email account, has not done anything wrong, are not infected with anything, but simply a victim of either BT or Yahoo having a number of accounts compromised …

So play safe, and change that password



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