This is going to be somewhat of a feature, after cycling a lot of the permissive routes allowable on Dartmoor something started to bug me…

The disc’s used to show the direction of the bridleway / bridlepath are so worn out ( on most routes ) that they are no more that just white disc’s screwed to a post and serving nothing as to which way to follow, Yes you refer to a map, and thats exactly what I do.

But making the most of Dartmoor for visitors and locals alike, it would be nice if there was a little more pride taken about the beautiful place that we have in Dartmoor, In Scotland that make use of wooden carved disc’s or burn into a wooden poll the direction and even the name of the route, it looks really very nice, and shows that they care and value the area.

So, I shall be taking photos of these now useless white bleached disc’s and damaged posts that have 1 or more of its “arms” missing, and sometimes there are fairly well sign posted routes that all of a sudden just stop and again leaving you to get map and compass out just to check which way you are meant to be going.


Above this little guy up above Swincombe on the “crossroads” ( SX63296 72646 ) that one way heads back to the Crock of Gold has no arms on it.

Further back where a few white disc’s that had totally faded away, and another four way sign post that was missing one of its arms, those I did not photograph as the idea to do this had only just occurred to me when we got to this point.

The idea is I’m going to document these with grid references and then approach DNP with a suggestion ( to be talked about later on this blog! )


I’ve also tagged this with the tag Aspergers simply because I think its certainly that part of me thats driving this idea!



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