Ive had this said to my face, and recently read on a popular social media system a similar remark, which is “Everyone has a little bit of Autism in them!”

Now, i shall try and avoid turning this into a “rant” as that would be counter productive, and I’m not trying to upset anyone who’s views may have been from unreliable sources or simply from “professionals” that really should know better and check facts before speaking or giving a “Professional” option.

Being Autistic myself ( Aspergers ) i find such a comment very offensive and totally misinformed, Its almost like saying everyone is a little bit dyslexic, OCD …. Autism has been referred as a brain disorder autism.org.uk explains it as this

The complexities of Aspergers is described in part like this

Autism is a neurological disorder , So ….. saying that everyone has / is a little bit Autistic is saying EVERYONE has a neurological disorder, Which therefore leads to the conclusion that NO ONE is normal! Or is there a train of thought that Autism is normal?

There are “tests” that people like myself have been though ( which are gruelling and often very upsetting ) to “check” if you are Autistic, Surely if one is testing for a condition, there must be the possibility that the result will equal zero / nothing found, Terms like neurotypical ( Please note this link is intended to show a light hearted view…kinda i think )

So before we conclude that everyone is a little bit Autistic, and that therefore there are no normal people at all on this planet, please, stop, think, do a little research of your own…just in case that friend / TV Show / Medical Professional got it wrong or where “mis-guided” on their answer….

I hope this helps 🙂




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