Last ride, and after a clean before handing bike back to shop

Well sad to say I’ve had to hand the E-Cal back for a full warranty exchange, the bike itself is fantastic ( when electrics are working ) nice fast aggressive, but when the computer / electronics go daft then its a full on nightmare.

It has been in and out of the bikeshop #bigpeaks ever since I bought it, with numerous issues

  • Speed Sensor
  • New Battery
  • New Drive Pack
  • New bottom bracket ( Gearbox )
  • Discovery that sensor and magnet are on backwards, but placing correctly system does not even work
  • Rear hub exploded

And the above discovered whilst out on various different rides, the hub wiped me out at #haldonforest as I was coming around a sharp corner, to get around and power out, when the entire crank locked solid and I simply went straight off the track! #bigpeaks have been amazing during all of this and Phil at #bigpeaks has worked his socks off to get this all sorted. Sadly the last ride was just enough, it played up right from the start ( like 50 meters away from the van ) and carried on messing around for the entire ride, where the system either fully shut down and powered off or amber / green lights flashing and no power.

For sure If #Fazua where to sort all the engine / electronics issues out, this would be a very cool bike, I mean I have taken it up mountains in Scotland and on the way back down it is a total blast with its riding position.

Looking out over the Cairngorms

Sadly though, with all the fun it does dish out, the ability for it to let me down when way to far away from the van is too great, #trekbikes have also been cool in sorting this all out, I would never buy anything otherthan Trek as they really do try and make things right. Hopefully soon the replacement will be with me, and after giving that a good test out I’ll be back here again :p

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