Ok, this is purely my thoughts on this…but here goes…
iPad killer apps….

Office / word processing etc .. Not free, but good
Pages , it’s perfect on an iPad , needs a mac ruining on OS X.8 for full integration
QuickOffice HD Pro , loaded with cloud features ( Dropbox , sugar sync etc ) does word , excel , PowerPoint

Productivity , notes etc
Wanderlist free cloud based note taking system works on almost any device , or computer system
Notability , very cool note pad , doodle pad system , not free
Things , have a bad memory, this bad boy will do all the leg work, again not free
Dropbox , a must for document sharing , storage etc

Social networking
Facebook and twitter app, are going to be built in with ios 6 , but the current free apps are very good
Wordpress app, if you have a word press blog!

Art apps
Inspire pro , not free

Angry birds
Mine craft lite free, or minecraft full about £6
Pocket tanks
Dragons lair!
Sky landers clud patrol

Misc apps
Yelp , free
Rotten tomatoes ( flixter ) free
Around me , in a new and different place, this app will tell you locations of most petrol stations, cafes, restaurants and so on
Google earth
Autism apps ( it’s an app list lists apps for autism )
1Password , have loads of accounts , they need different passwords, this app stores them all, with 128bit encryption , not free

iPhoto about £3
Lifecards , postcard creator that uses your photos , the. You email them, very cool

There are many more, like space apps, and other various utilities

Hope this helps 🙂



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