Well, after thinking i was “saving” money by buying a WiFi only iPad Mini, and then getting a Garmin Nuvi ( which loves driving on the smallest roads possible, BUT NOT the main road…which is quicker! )

I decided to bite the bullet and “upgrade” the iPad and give it REAL GPS functionality

ENTER BAD ELF ( not to be confused with bad robot which is involved in film making!!! )



And there tis… TomTom, RangeViewer and other offline map systems now have real time location without the need of Wifi, Gets a nice lock too with the GPS and is much better than the silly Garmin, Though to be honest would have saved money if a) i stuck with TomTom or/and b) got an iPad with Wifi and Cellnetowrk.

Anyway….works great!!!



7 thoughts on “iPad Mini Upgrade…..kinda”

  1. Downside is that my current mount keep “unlocking” and dropping its “head” down thereby making it hard to see the map…need a better mount!

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