After attending an “Autistic Group” meeting i was asked for feedback for them too see where the needs are and how the service could be improved

The below email is what they got ( the first part was me saying don’t worry about leaving the “sign your name and leave your email addy on view for all too possibly see” )

The thought that our email address’s were on view did not even occur to me till your email, but im sure no one will be tempted to email others, but good plan on letting us know, so thanks 🙂

I found the group VERY had work, when i saw the others there i thought “phew” maybe there are others that are even worse then me ( and sure, in certain aspects they maybe were / are ) , However it hit me hard so much about me NOT wanting to talk much to people, and i spent most of the time “small talking” to the mentors , and did not interact with the group at all.

At this point in time i don’t know what i need from a group, it is incredibly hard for me to “talk” to people , and this last group left me with the overall feeling of being the “most” odd one out and the “most” one that was being so isolated, I did not notice or truly saw this until this group, Therefore i ended up leaving early ( as the noise got too much anyway ) feeling angry / frustrated / sad after seeing first hand how odd and alone ive made myself.

Since my Diag of Aspergers , the only real help ive had is from the Brain-in-Hand programme , And when / if that stops then ill have nothing and will be back at square one again.

I really don’t know what to do now, there seems to be absolutely nothing out there locally for my age group as an HF Aspie.

Sorry for bending your ear, but you did ask for feedback :/

Wonders if that was too much feedback :/



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  1. Read your blog, your comments were interesting although I wouldn’t say (afte working with people with Autistic tendencies for 18yrs) that it is not necessarily to do with Aspergers , as many people find it difficult to converse with people they have just met or in a group situation, the noise thing I do agree with!

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