Ok…i’ll not be nominating anyone…cos i don’t really do Facebook, hence posting via my Blog.
But my top 10 albums are …. in no particular order ( i watch too much x-factor! ) are :-

Daft Punk –> alive 2007 / tron kinda hard to decide .. alive 2007 may just be ahead

Deep Purple –> Deepest Purple ( the very best of.. )

Gabrielle Aplin –> English Rain

The High Kings –> Memory Lane

Jack Johnson –> in between dreams

Robbie Williams –> Swing Both Ways

Ugly Kid Joe –> America’s least wanted

Ayreon –> Into The Electric Castle

U2 –> sooooooo many but….. The Very Best of U2 1990 to 2000

David Brubeck –> Take Five ( Jazz for those going HUH?!?!? )

WILD CARD!!!!!!! Cyndi Lauper –> At Last ( yeah baby….MORE JAZZ!!!! )

Thanks DUNCS!!!!! maybe i now have a lay down in a darkened room???? 🙂



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