*sighs!!!!* ….. sometimes i wish my Aspergers ( and my Kids AS ) was “visible” or “detectable” to certain people …. people really do not understand that sudden changes are HUGLY stressful , what makes me even cross is comments like ” you cant have any problems, you can walk?!?!? ” ….. Meh dont know if im cross / sad or am going to melt down … * RAWRS!!!!!*



2 thoughts on “RAWRS!!!!!”

  1. The problem is there are many people who choose to look the other way and make out there is nothing out of the ordinary to be considered when looking at our family.
    If they really knew the trauma each day can bring then they may begin to come to understand.
    I am aften brought to the edge of tears by the shortsightedness of many people we meet and know, they cannot understand what those few words can do.

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