Ok so… after ditching my #Garmin #inReach tracker in favour for the #SpotGen3 I have now actually sent the SpotGen3 back as its tracking is quite rubbish! on a recent 33Km Dartmoor mountain biking adventure the Spot failed to track until halfway though the ride! and thats with it attached to the rucksack face up ( as per instructions )

So this left me feeling very unsafe with it, particularly if im out on my own, currently trying to get some of the £200 subscription refunded, and i have “re-booted” my inReach with is by far way better and more accurate, it is more costly to run, but knowing that this device ( the inReach ) has never let me down.

So much for a cost saving exercise, But in summary #GarminInReach is much better than #SpotGen3 and Spot customer services are a nightmare to get hold of, the phone is always engaged so I’m getting Barclaycard to attempt to get my money back.



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