Kinda a double edged post this….

So whilst been confined to Kingsbridge for walking ( since Dartmoor has been …. soggy ) I’ve been tramping about the local area.


Picture from my GoPro on the old “railway” track.

Though of course this is not a substitute for Dartmoor in anyway way :/





And the route..










Now for part two of this post…

My family has had to put it in no uncertain terms, a “bumpy” month ( or three or so… ) for all concerned as we all have a knock on effect sadly….Things currently are not that easy!!


I’ve also noted that posts here of late have been a little on the negative side, whilst not surprising all things considered, does not make for “nice” reading…


Soo…. Tomorrow i’m looking forward to getting out for a little yomp on the Moor’s, Nothing major ( in my book ) BUT a long needed out on the Moor and sit on a Tor in the middle of no where, and maybe take some photos 🙂





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