Ok…I’ve sat thinking about whats been in the news recently, regarding an Aspergers person who got caught leaving a bomb on a train…

Firstly could the media report this correctly? one report speaks of a bomb the other as a smoke bomb ( these are different right?! )

Regardless, whatever it was, it was wrong to do this, though maybe 15years for a smoke bomb is a bit nuts? drunk drivers who actually kill people get 3 maybe 4 years suspended etc…

However…what has really wound me up is the mother seemly using Aspergers as an excuse of this behaviour, Ummm What?!? Wrong!! So very often its totally the opposite, Us Aspies have an over active sense of right and wrong, we are high functioning, so again, unless the media has also “skimmed” details in other areas I do not accept this as valid reasoning!

The media in large currently seems to be loosing the plot, and this “fake” news is now quite wide spread.

And finally its Aspergers … Aspergers …. NOT Aspburgers I cringe when reporters pronounce this incorrectly.


Ok I’m done, there is nothing more to see here, move along, move along



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