Ok……So yet again I’m reminded of the wonderful “gift” I’ve imparted to my children, and how inept certain people can be towards us Autistics, But when you have someone apparently trained and assigned to look after a member of the family whilst in education handle a situation so totally wrongly is beyond my limited understanding i already have of neurotypical people, and to handle it badly in front of other people is even worse.

Yet again i feel so desperately saddened with what I’ve passed on to my guys, and so totally confused that now in the 21st century we still seem to have dinosaurs walking amongst us.

BTW…wondering about the oddly placed images, they are here to pad out what is auto posted to Facebook and only those that actually click the link and come here actually read what I’m on about.

I am genuinely very very cross with what has happened today, but will not “air” what has happened, but only to say an email has been sent off… And that i felt the need to say something on my blog, shame its the first post to my blog for 2016.



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