Tuesday–>Birmingham Royal Ballet VERY COOL but 2nd act was SO INCREDIBLY LOUD it was unreal, almost sent me way over, Bekka was hiding on Hilary’s lap! … Then some old dude getting all grumpy MEH!!!

Wednesday –> Thor in cinema also very cool, but SO BUSY , with a visit to pizza hunt which was even more busy! by that time ( after a VERY busy time with work ) my head had enough and was pretty much in shut down mode and auto pilot mode engaged , This got me quite sad as always i felt like i was spoiling the day for everyone else, and ended up in the car way before anyone else…away from the noise … in peace and quite! But feeling totally wretched….

The rest of the working week went just as hard and full on, With Friday me ending up finishing at 1900 , after having to go back to Modbury to collect my reading glasses that i left at a clients house!!

Roll on the weekend!!!



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