So first “BIG” ride on the new bike, which was setting off from Princetown down the old train line to Burrator, then a bit of road riding through Sheepstor out towards Gutter Tor and then up Jobbers Road ( Lane ), which has been drastically leveled out, up over by Eylesbarrow with a rather nice and quickish decent down to Nuns Cross Farm, and then back to Princetown.

The bike preformed VERY nicely, hardly any sound from the motor in whatever mode I put it in. Still getting used to the slightly shorter reach on this compared to the XC bike, but really very happy with its performance, the bike did not really need me to have ( or rather I did not need ) the range extender, as the range extender did about 3/4 or the ride before powering off and switching to the main battery. So leaving that ranger extender off next time I do this ride.

I was, to be honest, very surprised on how dry the Moors where, though it has been very windy..which is great for drying! This ride is also one of those rides that you really can not get lost on, otherthan lost in just enjoying yourself all alone on the Moors! Looking forward to some warmer and dryer days for more rides on this new bike!



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