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How can I help?
That must be really difficult.
I think she is beautiful.
How can I help stop bullying?
Please don’t feel embarrassed, we completely understand.
I know you are working around her routine, special diet, sensory needs, therapy, etc.  so what works for you?
You’re a great parent.
Have I ever hurt your feelings talking about autism?  I’m sorry.  Please help me understand.
“Hi _________ (child’s name) how are you?” – Talk to the person with autism, not around them.
No need to apologize, I understand.
Can I help you with your other kids while you help your son? 
Can you teach me some ways to work with her?
Wow, I can see why that might be a small thing for an atypical kid, but for your son that is huge.  Congrats!
I admire how much work you’ve done with him.
Follow your mother’s intuition.
Can I join your Autism Speaks walk team?
He is so smart.
You know your child better than anyone, including: doctors, therapist, teachers, aides, etc.
What’s the best way for my child to play with yours?  I’m sure they will be great friends once they get to know each other.
How should I explain autism to my kids?
Let me be a shoulder to cry on.  You’re a good mom, especially on your hardest days!
Don’t say anything.  Sometimes a hug is all we need.
How can I help your daughter feel more comfortable?
She is uniquely wonderful!
I understand parenting a child with autism can be completely different from parenting an atypical child.
She has made so much progress.
His IEP is really working.  I’m glad I’ve been sticking to it.
I know it is hard for you to find a sitter, so how about we come over to your house after bedtime for some adult time.
I don’t care if your kid turns the lights on and off a billion times, is obsessed with our washing machine, or ________ (insert random behavior here), he is welcome here any day.
Who cares if she has a pacifier/blanket/stuffed animal/etc.  It makes her feel more comfortable.  That’s all that matters.
Hey, I think clothes are annoying too.
We know he is a good boy, this is an overwhelming situation.
Let’s get your son a buddy/aide so he can participate too.
“Normal” is over rated.
I’m glad your family goes out in public!  You need to live your life to the fullest too.
Tell me about autism.
Does your son have any diet restrictions?
What therapy and treatments have worked for your son?
I was thinking of you.  I don’t know much about autism and all you go through, but I know a good diet coke (or glass of wine) helps! – Here, enjoy!
How well does the school accommodate your daughter?
It’s not your fault.
I think __________ (insert child’s obsession here) is pretty cool too.
Do you need a babysitter?  Because I’d love to help.
Let me hold that/watch them for you while you run after him.
I know that every child with autism is different, tell me about yours.
I’ve heard kids with autism are the hardest to potty train.
What should I do to prepare for your visit?  Is there anything I should put away or details I should know?
I know you just want someone to talk to.  So I will listen without trying to solve your problems. 
Really?  Insurance companies don’t cover autism?  I’m going to write my legislator tonight to change that!
I want to talk to you about autism and I want to make sure I’m sensitive to your feelings.  If I say anything that upsets you please let me know so I can understand your perspective.



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