Ok so some of you guys maybe aware that DNP are “re-vamping” their Byelaws …

Now some of the suggestions are GREAT, like a TOTAL ban on any kind of BBQ equipment on the Moorlands..However there seems to be a knee jerk reaction on things like Wild Camping ( this has already been contested ) Mountain Biking looks shaky ( although I may have miss read this, the wording is quite vague at best! ) Photographers that make use of Drones are looking like having to ask permission to fly ( I’m sure this has been brought on by those “thugs” that don’t know/care who they bother or how they fly, and possibly don’t even hold a pilots license.

I fear that Dartmoor is going to end up with virtual fences up stoping various responsible people from carrying out their usual leisure activity.

When I compare Dartmoor to the Highlands of my beloved Scotland there is an ever increasing rift appearing, Where Dartmoor is almost KEEP OFF THE GRASS and Scotland is like Help yourself just be kind to the area!! Even to the point of NO KITE FLYING?!?!?!? WHAT!!!!

So links to look at are below, anyone here reading this please make your voices known!

DNP Byelaws

DNP Byelaws Review

Main PDF

To be honest if DNP turn Dartmoor into a almost keep off the grass mentality, Then I’m really thinking about living in the highlands of Scotland where all outdoor activity is welcomed!



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