Ok its now been 2 weeks when it was said that this mess would be sorted out, The path has been untouched and pushchairs and disabled users simply can not get though now.

The grass was cut, though it looks more like a tornado touched down!! ( sure they would not make the same kinda mess in their gardens )

The tree down by the traffic lights is actually falling over, and not over growing , so whilst someone has pushed it back, its only a temporary fix, as gravity will indeed win out!!

Photos below show the cramped path and grass mess that was left laying all over the footpaths in this area.

Possibly there will be a video here too, if i can attach it 🙂



2 thoughts on “Kingsbridge in disgrace part II”

  1. Edit:
    Some kind local has taken to the under growth with a saw and machete …. Muttering bad words about the council

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