Ok so got myself the XE700T1C running windows 8 home ( not the cut down RT version )

4GB Ram , 64Gb SSD and an extra 64Gb on a mini SD card
i5 CPU 11″ HD screen

Overall first impressions are good , nice and quick, good keyboard docking ( included — at least when ordered from John Lewis )

In “Full” tablet mode it is very easy to use and like it lots!!

Getting extra storage is a MUST hence the 64Gb micro SD card

Now also testing the new Microsoft office 365 … again first impressions are good, however the flag ship email client outlook…you know the thing MOST business are using for imap emailing ( ive not got exchange so can not comment ) , And basically …. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING M$ … imap has now taken a huge step backwards, no longer do we have the control to specify which imap sent folder to sync too , so if you are running a multi platform business ( apple mac / iphone / android / windows / unix ) then whilst the inbox works as normal on the windows system all sent messages are going into Sent Items ( under inbox ) and on the mac ( and possibly other systems ) they want to use Sent Messages!!!

This means that the Mac / iPhone / iPad set ups will not use the same sent folder as the Outlook 2013…It seems of late email clients are getting knocked to bits

For around £8a month for the outlook 365 I would quite like to see some form of “included” exchange mail , though that will not address the problem of business emails sent itmes not being in sync anymore.

Getting back to the Samsung , the 11″ screen is “not” quite big enough, its ok for emailing , light onsite office work , gaming … well whilst you can your eye sight needs to be good.

However the trade off size vs portability is good, when connected to the keyboard dock (giving one extra usb port and power charge point ) the system is a little top heavy.

In tablet form, it works fab, its heavier than an iPad, but then it IS running a FULL version of Windows OS , meaning you can run any software you like ( as long as it works under windows 8 )

Something like this does indeed rekindle my interest into the windows OS, lets see if apple decide on a tablet running FULL OS X , or are they gonna just leave that to the Mac Book Air xD



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