Yes yes it’s an odd title for a post, but here’s the thing, myself now being passed onto the Devon Autism team for aspergers, I still find it odd ( if that’s really the best word I can find ) that :-

1. Support for such people is seriously lacking
2. The (dare I say ) ignorance / lack of understanding or even acknowledgement that such a thing Autism / Aspergers exists
3. That Teachers and similar important others DO NOT realise the damage they do when they expect anyone with autism to just get on with it and refuse to see the problems behind the mask of “hold it together”. (prompted from a recent facebook post )

Shutdowns Vs Meltdowns*
Again many seem not to understand this concept either ( not that it is possibly an easy thing to understand, even if you are one of those that actually experience it! ) , though some in my immediate family have seen at least one occurrence of a well needed “shutdown”

A shutdown :-
When stimulation ( be it noise / light / smell / touch ) becomes too overwhelming that the nervous system shuts down to “rebound” or as i put it rebooting!

May become lethargic / limp / star or close eyes and become unresponsive ( anything to shut the outside world out ) , retiring to a quite / darkish room often helps

The stress chemicals reach boiling point, coping skills collapse and acting out to either avoid or escape a stressful situation to reduce anxiety.

A meltdown :-
Hitting / kicking / pushing / throwing / biting self etc…. all provide proprioceptive stimulation, which releases stress chemicals.

If stress chemicals increase gradually , shutdown is likely
If chemicals build quickly, the a meltdown is more likely

*The above info was originally posted here ( ) , though parts have been added too this



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